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Sony could allow 1440p resolution on the PS5 if there is high demand

Published: 14:49, 10 November 2020
A photo showing PS5 on the left side and PS5 Digital Edition on the right side with two controllers by them.
PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition (right)

Sony will look into adding support for 1440p on PS5 if there's a high demand for it. But, as they've met with criticism from almost everyone on the internet when the news broke down last week, we believe that demand will not be lacking.

Sony is clearly not done with tweaking the PlayStation 5 features. Yesterday we covered that Sony are exploring a way to allow players to store PS5 games on the external USB drive (but not run them from it), and seems like that was not the only feature the company is looking into adding after the launch.

Two key persons who directed PS5 development at Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) talked about PS5 in an exclusive interview for the AV Watch portal, and one interesting answer caught our eye.

"I want to give top priority to TV support" (Mr. Nishino). "There is no technical problem at all" (Mr. Ito), so it seems that we will respond if there are many requests while watching the market trends.

So, it's clear that there's no hardware issue for 1440p resolution, and that Sony, the company know for manufacturing one of the best TVs on the market, are giving the priority to TVs over monitors for their gaming console. (shocking!)

Sony Sony 4K TV. Sony is giving 4K TVs an advantage over Monitors for their PS5 console.

Last week we wrote that Sony's soon-to-be-current-gen console would not support 1440p resolution , unlike the Xbox Series X|S consoles. Things might take a different turn in the end, if they add that support later on, via a system update for PS5.

That news would most certainly make a lot of competitive players very happy, as a big chunk of them like to spend their gaming hours on a PC monitor with low latency and high refresh rates, and 1440p resolution is consider a sweet-spot by many.

The other possibilities with the support for 1440p resolution (The Last of Us part II is running in 1440p native on PS4) will offer some PS5 games to push graphical fidelity up, or run in much higher frame-rates (120FPS), in comparison with highly demanding 4K resolution.

We will follow the development of the situation with great attention.

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