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A fix to allow the transfer of PS5 games on a USB drive is underway

Published: 23:33, 09 November 2020
PS5's DualSense controller, cropped
PS5's DualSense controller

Sony have confirmed that they are working on a solution to provide gamers the way to store PS5 games on the external USB drive, but not play them, in the future update.

It is already well known that the Sony PlayStation 5 comes with a meager 667Gb of the available game and multimedia storage space. To make matters worse, the announced feature of an optional USB external hard drive will not offer the possibility to store PS5 games on it, but only those from the PS4.

That way, players will be denied the ability to ‘archive’ PS5 games to an external HDD to free up space on the internal SSD, and later move those games back to the internal storage and play them again if they wish, without the need to download 50-100 or more gigabytes again. 

Of course, an external USB drive offers the option of installing PS4 games, so you can save on some internal storage that you will use for PS5 games, but that option again deprives you of faster loading. 

You can always connect an SSD disk as an external drive, which you can insert into an external USB 3.1 case for SSD drive, and speed up a bit those PS4 titles loading times, as a compromise.

SONY PS5 console in the horizontal position PlayStation 5

The PS5 console itself downloads and installs games from the PS store to the internal SSD much faster, going even up to 8 times according to USGamer PS5 review , which is another Next-gen upgrade compared to the previous generation of consoles, but not much talked about. 

Today, Sony have released a huge FAQ sheet in which they stated the following, which caught our eye:

"PS5 games must be stored on the console's internal ultra-high speed SSD for gameplay. Explorations for allowing players to store (but not play) PS5 games on a USB drive in a future update are underway."

So, they're aware of this problem down at the Sony labs, and are already cooking a fix to allow all PS5 console users to store their PS5 games to an external drive, but, they will still not be able to play them from it. Well, it's a start. 

We can expect such a change in the work of the console in some of the future firmware updates, and it will surely delight many gamers out there, including us.

PS5 is officially launching this week, November 12.

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