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Sony confirm aggressive plans for PlayStation cloud gaming

Published: 13:31, 24 May 2023
Sony could finally start focusing more on cloud gaming and their PlayStation Now service
Sony could finally start focusing more on cloud gaming and their PlayStation Now service

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has revealed that cloud gaming is still fundamental to PlayStation and the company is ready to accelerate their plans over the coming months.

Sony could soon unveil plans for their cloud gaming strategy according to Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) CEO Jim Ryan. During the latest financial report, Ryan surprisingly said that the company has some interesting and aggressive plans for the PlayStation cloud gaming.

Ryan said to expect some of these plans to start unfolding in the coming months so we could be hearing about that sooner than expected. 

"We do have some fairly interesting and quite aggressive plans to accelerate our initiatives in the space of the cloud that will unfold over coming months," SIE CEO said.

It's really hard to predict what these plans might be. An entirely new cloud service? Expanded cloud offering in the PlayStation Plus? A new cloud-only piece of hardware? It really could be a lot of things. 

The good thing is that this announcement doesn't seem to be years away so we won't have to speculate for too long on what could Sony's cloud plan be.

Sony PlayStation Now July lineup looks promising Sony have previously merged their game streaming service PlayStation Now with PlayStation Plus

It's certainly not surprising to see Sony wanting to make something in the cloud space given that Microsoft have been pushing hard with cloud tech in recent years, offering their entire library of first-party via Cloud Gaming.

More ways to play is always great and Sony competing with Microsoft can only bring more benefits to gamers and we're all for that.


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