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Sony are reportedly working on a PlayStation 5 Slim version

Published: 14:52, 07 November 2022
Concept Creator/Screengrab
PlayStation 5 Slim concept by Concept Creator looks pretty cool
PlayStation 5 Slim concept by Concept Creator looks pretty cool

The new version of PlayStation 5 will reportedly be lighter, use less voltage, run cooler and most importantly, it will be smaller.

The latest rumours suggest that Sony are currently working on a Slim version of PlayStation 5 , which could be coming sometime in late 2023. Sony usually launch a Slim model three years after shipping the first iteration of the console, so it's somewhat expected that a new, revised model is coming next year.

The reports suggest that the new model will be smaller and lighter, obviously, draw less voltage which will allow for lower temperatures. Additionally, Sony are apparently trying to get rid of the stand that is used for when the console is standing horizontally.

This, of course, is not that hard to guess since it's expected that PlayStation 5 Slim is going to be smaller and lighter and Sony are probably trying to get rid of that awful stand from the day they shipped the console. 

We're not saying that the reports don't hold any truth, it's just that you should take everything unofficial with a grain of salt until Sony share the news about the new model. 

One thing that we're eager to see is the hardware of the new model. Could it be a more powerful console? Or Sony are saving the big upgrades for the "Pro" version. Time will tell but we think there could be two new PlayStation 5 versions coming in 2023.

Sony playstation 5 PlayStation 5 is big, bulky so a slim version could certainly come in handy

All in all, it will be interesting to see whether Sony reveal their plans for the Slim console soon, as the company usually announce these things months before the actual launch. Perhaps we get some hints at the upcoming The Game Awards show? Or early next year during State of Play? Guess we'll have to stay patient and wait for the news. 


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