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Final Fantasy 16 appears to be PlayStation 5 exclusive for only six months

Published: 13:46, 07 November 2022
Square Enix
Final Fantasy 16 screenshot showing big mountain and valley
Final Fantasy 16 is exclusive to PlayStation 5 for only six months

The latest PlayStation 5 ad for the DualSense controller reveals that Square Enix's upcoming action RPG Final Fantasy 16 will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive for only six months.

Final Fantasy 16 will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive for only six months, it's been revealed in the latest ad for DualSense Wireless Controller on the official PlayStation Twitter profile. 

The ad features shots from various games, including Square Enix's highly-anticipated RPG Final Fantasy 16, with a small print at the bottom that states: "Final Fantasy 16 anticipated Summer 2023. PlayStation 5 exclusive for six months."

You can check the Final Fantasy 16 part in  the trailer here , starting at the 0:15 mark.

So what exactly this means? Well, it's a confirmation that PlayStation 5 will be the only place to play Final Fantasy 16 for at least six months once the game launches. Only after the exclusivity period expires, we may see the game on other platforms like PC and Xbox , though, don't get your hopes up just yet Xbox players.

You'll probably remember how Final Fantasy 7 Remake was also a one-year exclusive for the Sony platform but it's yet to arrive to Xbox. It did release on PC eventually but Xbox players are still waiting to hear about the Xbox Series X|S port, which is certainly a big disappointment.

Square Enix Final Fantasy XVI Final Fantasy XVI may be a PS5 exclusive for six months, but does that mean it will arrive to other platforms as soon as the exclusivity deal expires? It's hard to say.

Could things change for Final Fantasy 16? Of course, that is entirely possible. Square Enix could be sitting on Xbox and PC versions of the game at this moment, but they are simply delaying them because Sony gave them a large amount of money to do that. 

On the other hand, it's possible that Square Enix didn't even start the work on the potential Xbox version. We simply don't know what Square Enix's plans are at the moment. 

Hopefully, we won't be waiting for too long to see Final Fantasy 16 on PC and Xbox consoles.


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