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Meanwhile, Sony announce $60 real-life loot boxes for Comic-Con

Published: 20:03, 16 July 2019
Sony's PlayStation-branded Mystery Boxes from Comic-Con 2019
Sony's PlayStation-branded Mystery Boxes

In the midst of various anti-loot box initiatives from the UK to US, Sony have come out with real-life loot boxes they will be selling at this year's Com-Con in San Francisco, California. Each mystery box goes for $60 and has five items.

"This year, PlayStation Gear Store is offering Limited Edition PlayStation-themed Mystery Boxes. Each box includes five new limited edition PlayStation-branded items, averaging at a total value of $90 MSRP, and is available to San Diego Comic-Con attendees for the price of $60", the company wrote in their latest blog post. 

Sony will have another Mystery Box design every day at their Comic-Con booth, each coming with its own set of five items. The items are manufactured in 500 or fewer units.

This means that fans have 25 limited edition items to collect, although that pleasure means you'll have to fork out $300 in total. It will also take a few trips to Sony's Comic-Con booth, but if the company's calculations are correct - it should get you $450 worth of PlayStation-branded goodies.

"Check back at the booth every day for a peek at one of the new limited edition items. And if we haven't sold out of each Mystery Box by Sunday, July 21 (the final day of the event), we plan to reopen sales for all of the remaining boxes available from start to finish", they wrote.

Given the fact that these are limited edition items that bear PlayStation branding, we've no doubt that many Sony fans will find the offer attractive. Unlike their digital counterparts, Mystery Boxes carry physical items, and these could actually grow in value, or at least retain it.

That said, it's quite difficult to ignore the fact that these are real-life loot boxes, and regardless of the final value Sony is vouching for, buyers are still purchasing items blindly.

Sony PlayStation 4 with a DualShock 4 on top. PlayStation 4

We suppose that the main issue would be - how does one marry the concept of justifying purchases of real-life loot boxes while opposing digital ones? And no, being a fanboy doesn't count.

You can find the announcement on .

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