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Sony start phasing out PlayStation 4 in Japan

Published: 12:24, 07 January 2021
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Sony are slowly shifting their focus on flogging PlayStation 5 consoles, as the company has started phasing out all PlayStation 4 models except PS4 Slim in Japan.

As reported by several Japanese portals, and picked up by Kotaku, Sony have stopped almost all PS4 shipments except for PlayStation 4 500GB Slim (Jet Black). 

Interestingly enough, the same report says that the company has stopped making PlayStation 4 Pro consoles for Japan last year, so it's clearly a gradual plan. 

One would think Sony would keep its fastest console and phase out the standard models, but we reckon that sales figures didn't support that theory.

Sony told IT Media that they'll continue supporting the PS4 platform through games, peripherals and other services. However, when it comes to manufacturing hardware - PlayStation 5 production takes precedence over pretty much everything. 

Which, as things stand, is certainly the best possible decision, especially knowing the sort of supply issues they've had in launching PlayStation 5. 

To be fair though, Sony's failure wasn't for the lack of trying, as the console was still the biggest PlayStation launch ever . PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said everyone was astounded with the number of preorders, and it turns out the market was even hungrier than preorders would suggest.

Moreover, the company managed to produce one of the best and certainly most beloved electronic devices while being hampered by the pandemic and remote work, for which they really deserve all the credit in the world. 

Adult Swim Rick and Morty's PlayStation 5 ad Rick and Morty's PlayStation 5 ad

Now, it's too early to say that Sony are ditching PlayStation 4, as we're fairly confident it will be years before we see them pulling the plug. Nevertheless - the king is dead, long live the king. 

Thanks, Kotaku .

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