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PlayStation 4 update 8.00 brings Party, Messages changes, new avatars

Published: 11:18, 14 October 2020
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PlayStation 4 owners are heading for a system software update to their console, bringing it up to version 8.00 and adding changes to Party and Messages features, new avatars, updated parental controls and more.

The update launches today, October 14, 2020, and Sony revealed the contents on the PlayStation Blog. 

First up are changes to Party and Messages - the two will be more tightly linked and you'll notice it from the UI changes. 

"Both apps will now use the same ‘Groups’ of players for Party voice chats and message exchanges, instead of having different groups setup across the two apps. So now you can start a Party chat or send a message to the group you’ve previously chatted with across PS4, as well as PS5 when it launches", they wrote. 

Sony fanboys should be loving the new Avatars, as they're coming from PlayStation exclusive franchises. The company listed Bloodborne, Journey, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, The Last of Us Part II, The Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and more. 

If voice comms give you the creeps, PlayStation 4 will let you mute all mics from the Quick Menu, so you're getting an easy exit from obnoxious online, ahem, personalities. 

Sony simplified Parental Controls by unifying Communicating with Other Players and Viewing Content Created by Other Players into a single section called Communication and User Generated Content

Children will now be able to request access to communications features in certain games, so parents are notified and can make the right call. 

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2-Step Verification on PS4 will now support third-party authenticator apps. Event Creation and Private Community Creation are being removed, although you'll be able to access the communities created earlier. 

You can find the 8.00 PS4 system update notes here .

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