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PS5 logo memes are absolute gold, here are some of the best ones

Published: 08:30, 07 January 2020
Updated: 19:21, 07 January 2020
artwork showing ps5 logo in comic sans font
This one just had to happen, right?

Sony have officially revealed the logo for their next-gen console PlayStation 5. The logo is looking exactly like the previous ones so the memes are in full swing all over the internet.

As expected, Sony did not reveal PlayStation 5 at CES 2020 and we'll probably have to wait until February for the proper reveal event but the Japanese tech giant did offer a couple of new details about the next-generation console.

One of these fresh details is the first look at the brand-new logo of PlayStation 5. Sony may have called it "new" but to be fair, it's the same old design where the number five jumped in for the number 4. Of course, many expected this and it's not that surprising that Sony are sticking to the "if it works don't fix it" design method but this did not stop social media users to start mocking the company with hundreds of memes and jokes.

Some even offered a simple solution to make the logo look cooler and a bit different from the old one. Switching the number two in PlayStation 2 logo apparently gives you a brand new, creative and innovative logo.

Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad also joked that no one noticed the PlayStation 6 logo, which was revealed shortly after the PS5 logo reveal. A bold and shocking design to say the least.

Jokes aside, Sony probably made the best decision but somehow we feel they could come up with something a bit different, to emphasize the power of the console or show that it is indeed a completely different and groundbreaking product. 

Make no mistake, we don't have any doubts that PlayStation 5 will be a great gaming console, but a new design concept certainly wouldn't hurt after years of the same old logo.

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