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Sons of the Forest (The Forest 2) gets a terrifying new gameplay trailer

Published: 16:05, 24 December 2020
Endnight Games
A poster for the Sons of the Forest
Sons Of The Forest (The Forest 2)

Sons of The Forest, the successor to The Forest, gets a terrifying new gameplay trailer, and it's looking absolutely amazing. The game is developed by Endgnight Games and it's running on Unity engine. Sons of the Forest is coming in 2021.

Canadian developer Endnight Games have released a scary new gameplay trailer for their upcoming game, Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest, aka The Forest 2, is the sequel to The Forest, a terrifying first-person open-world survival horror game in which players have to scavenge, build, and explore to survive. 

Endpoint Games have revealed that Sons of the Forest will feature a new rendering & lighting effects that can be used in the newer version of Unity. Weather effects should be more convincing than before, so when it rains, you can also see drops on the weapons, water can flow over stones and the ground, but also freeze, and so on.

As in the first game (or any other survival game, basically), building bases and other structures will play a big role. The independent developer from Canada ensures their fans that building system will be even more immersive and accessible, with even more options to express their creativity.

Sons of The Forest will feature a whole new breed of monsters and cannibals, and as you can see in the latest trailer, they are terrifying and ready to haunt us in our dreams long after we close the game.

As of now, there is no official info about the platforms Sons of The Forest will be available when it launches, except for PC. Endnight Games said that PC version is the only one they are focused on currently, but it's safe to say that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, alongside Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X will get the port too. The Forest was one of the most popular survival games in the past, with a large number of gamers coming from the consoles.

Sons Of The Forest is coming in 2021, until then you can check out The Forest, which is currently on sale on the PSN Store, and Steam for PC.

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