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Someone has already modded GTA: San Andreas' CJ into Elden Ring

Published: 17:44, 15 December 2021
Dropoff Twitter
CJ in Elden Ring
CJ in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is not even out yet and modders already have some goofy stuff to share. 

Modders are having fun with Elden Ring even though the game is still months away from its official release date. 

In case you are wondering how are people playing Elden Ring at the moment when the network tests have finished weeks ago, well, a patch for Elden Ring Network Test has been published allowing jailbroken PlayStation 4 owners to play the demo without any limits. 

So, what was intended as a 4-day demo is now playable forever and modders are using this to add all sorts of crazy things to the game, including CJ from GTA: San Andreas. 

Here are some screenshots, showcasing CJ traversing the world of Elden Ring, meeting Melina and sitting by the "bonfire".

Modder Dropoff also shared video footage of the mod where you can see CJ with some pretty impressive moves as he slays the enemies wandering the wilds. 

If we're already getting crazy mods for Elden Ring and the majority of players and modders don't even have access to the game and won't have it until February 2022, we wonder what kind of huge influx of goofy and hilarious mods we can expect once From Software's long-awaited title is officially out. 

We're certain that someone will replace a boss model with America's most popular dinosaur Barney.

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