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SnowRunner Season 3 adds new region, vehicles and missions

Published: 11:56, 12 February 2021
Focus Home Interactive
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SnowRunner looks absolutely stunning

SnowRunner is expanding once again with Season 3: Locate and Deliver which will be available to all Season Pass and Premium Edition owners, Season 3 brings two new maps in a new region, new vehicles, skins, stickers, and more.

If you enjoy off-road driving sims such as SnowRunner, you'll be happy to hear that this popular title is getting another fresh batch of seasonal content. Saber Interactive and the publisher Focus Home have shared a new trailer, detailing everything that will be coming in SnowRunner's Season 3 update. 

In short, the new season will be available to all Season Pass and Premium Edition owners and it brings two new maps in a new region, new vehicles, vehicle skins, stickers, and the return of iconic, loved logging gameplay. The accompanying free update also brings new content for all players.

Wisconsin, USA debuts as part of Season 3, a new region all about logging lumber for big paydays. A limited number of generators are needed to power all the buildings in the area and it’s up to you to pick and choose what you need and when as you repair a train station and accompanying lines.

Focus Home Interactive SnowRunner

Season 3's new vehicles are the International PayStar Twin Steer, the Pacific P512 PF, and the BOAR 45318. You’ll be taking them through the maps of Grainwoods River and Black Badger Lake. Both are flooded, densely forested landscapes filled with broken-down machinery and missions to discover.

The traditional free update alongside Season 3’s paid content adds new trials, cargo, and missions, as well as various cosmetic upgrades. This includes more fan-favourite logging in existing maps so everyone can have a taste of what makes SnowRunner special. In addition, all players are invited to download from the ever-expanding selection of community-made mods on both console and PC to further enhance their SnowRunner experience.

SnowRunner is the third instalment in off-road driving sim series

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SnowRunner is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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