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Saber's CEO claims Sweeney is most dev friendly person in games

Published: 18:05, 18 April 2019
Focus Home Interactive
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World War Z

Matthew Karch, CEO of Saber Interactive, the studio whose zombilicious shooter World War Z launched recently on the Epic Games Store, has stood in defense of Sweeney and Co, claiming that Epic Games are a force of good in the industry.

Karch said that head of the Epic Games Store Steve Allison is a longtime friend of his, and that hearing about Fortnite maker's new storefront made him reach out to the company. 

"There are incentives to going with them. I'm not going to say that there aren't. Will those incentives make up for maybe a lack of sales? I can't answer that question, but I believe in what they're doing", Karch said and added that his reasons are both financial and personal.

He defended Epic's exclusivity policy, claiming that getting people onto your platform isn't an easy job, and that exclusives are the fastest path there.

Epic haven't really released any fixed numbers, but the company seems to be pretty happy with how things have been going thus far. The Division 2, for instance, pre-orders on the PC

Karch also stood in defense of Epic's CEO Tim Sweeney, which isn't something you'll hear much these days it seems.

"I think Tim Sweeney is the most developer friendly individual in the entire video game space. He's basically building a platform that is, I don't believe, about making money. I believe it's about being a disruptive change in the industry", he said. 

Karch is, of course, referring to Epic's attempt to disrupt the 30 per cent cut that developers have to pay Steam and other platforms, which Fortnite maker decreased to 12 per cent.

"If you look, it's not coincidence that all the major platforms charge the same 30%. So Tim has come in and said 'I have the resources now, thanks to my increased purchasing power, to change this dynamic'. And that's exactly what he's doing", Karch said.

Focus Home Interactive Several World War Z characters firiing rifles World War Z

World War Z is one of the few games that thanks to Epic's terms.

You can find the full interview with GameWatcher

World War Z is a coop zombie shooter by Focus Home Interactive

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World War Z

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