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Crowd-funded Skyrim Together devs say they don't owe community

Published: 23:00, 26 April 2019
Dragonborn is charging a massive spider with his two handed axe.

Skyrim Together developers are a controversial bunch, to say the least since they are now claiming they don't owe the community anything after being asked about info on the mod, despite harvesting about $18,000 a month from Patreon.

Skyrim Together is definitely a mod that has fans on the edge of their seats since everyone has been dreaming of playing with friends ever since the game released back in 2011, before all those massive ports and Todd's reselling machinations.

A group of modders decided to capitalise on the high demand when they started Tamriel Online which was discontinued under shady circumstances but later got a spiritual successor that is Skyrim Together. Unfortunately, it inherited an unhealthy dose of shady practices.

The team behind the Skyrim multiplayer mod was first accused of stealing code from Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) and using it for commercial purposes since Skyrim Online was gathering around $34,000 per month at the time. The controversy led to a sharp decline in Skyrim Online's Patreon funding and it seems like the developers of the mod are inclined to losing even more.

In a recent blunder on the mod's subreddit, one community member asked if something is going to happen with Skyrim Online. The subreddit's moderators quickly locked the thread but not before one of the developers, going by "maxgriot", .

Maxgriot's statement was rather blunt, telling the poster that the team is not making the mod for the community and they don't owe it anything. This is rich, coming from a person who is literally being funded by the community they are dissing.

Reddit picture showing four characters standing on rocks Skyrim Together

Furthermore, maxgriot stated the team will only work on the mod if and when they feel like it. Considering the shady past of the team's multiplayer mod incarnations, it is likely the fans will not get the full mod any time soon or maybe ever.

They have donated their money on Patreon and it remains to be seen if the monthly revenue will dip further because no one seems to be getting any service here.

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