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NexusMods bans US political mods

Published: 23:32, 01 October 2020
NexusMods front page
NexusMods front page

Administrators of the popular mod distribution website, NexusMods, have announced that US political mods have been banned after being swarmed by reports of low-effort propaganda pieces.

When certain content gets banned because it has ties to a political side, it would normally be censorship worthy of every condemnation but in the case of NexusMods, one has to empathise with the people running the page.

Similarly, their decision to issue a blanket ban to all things political, at least as far as US politics go, could easily be seen as a blatant censorship attempt but their explanation is certainly rooted in genuinely relatable causes.

It states that the mods related to the sociopolitical issues in the USA have started popping up like mushrooms after rain which is not a first since this already happened four years ago.

These "mods" are mostly low-quality outrage bait made by trolls that tend to emphasise polarising views and apparently originate from "a small but vocal contingent" of Nexus users.

As a result, the mods called it quits and banned all mods based on USA politics, starting from September 28, 2020. They also announced that the restriction will be reviewed after the next POTUS has been inaugurated.

In a tone that many are afraid to adopt these days, the mods also stated that they don't care about what this situation looks like which sounds very much like they've just had it with the spike of troll content they had to deal with.

That said, the mods also called to Nexus users to keep reporting such content so it and its creators can be banned but also to not engage with the content otherwise.

While the upcoming elections signal boosted many sides of USA that its citizens don't like, the country is also the origin of many great things. Take the late Randy Savage for example - he was such an awesome entertainment figure that making all dragons resemble and sound like him made Skyrim that much better.

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