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Bethesda re-releases TES V: Skyrim yet again

Published: 01:05, 20 August 2021
Dragonborn is charging a massive spider with his two handed axe.

Did you think Todd Howard was done with Skyrim releases? You thought wrong. Another one is coming by the end of this year.

There is a handful of universal constants - grass is green, ice cream is great and Skyrim releases will keep happening until the end of time. Bethesda just announced yet another version of the game that is coming on November 11, 2021. Since this is the birthday for TES V, it is appropriately named Skyrim: Anniversary Edition.

Bethesda's celebration of Skyrim's 10th anniversary will include three Creation Club freebies to anyone who owns Skyrim Special Edition but the Anniversary Edition will be its own product and you will not be getting a free update here. Special Edition owners will have the ability to pay for the upgrade which will presumably be a lower price than buying it anew though.

As for what it includes, it's basically Special Edition with 500 mods from Creation Club. That's it. Bethesda will try to cash in on the work of all the modders who put their effort and time into making Skyrim a better game and even though Creation Club never took off as well as Bethesda might have hoped, they found a way to grab a few bucks more for these pieces of player-created content.

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