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Creator of Sims, SimCity and Spore back at it with Proxi, new mobile game

Published: 12:55, 20 March 2018
Rendered view of a series of islands floating in mid air

Will Wright, the 'playwright' behind simulation titles such as SimCity, the Sims and Spore has announced a new mobile simulation title called Proxi. This time around, however, players will be building the world from their memories.

Wright says that Proxi is a game of self discovery, where you'll will "uncover the hidden you, your subconscious", and bring it to surface". No need to run for tin foil just yet.

Apparently, Proxi players will get a clean slate at the beginning, leaving it up to them to fill up the world with memories as building blocks. Eventually, your Proxi world will be consisting of large chains of seemingly interconnected memories.

EA A view above a city in mobile simulation game Proxi by Will Wright Proxi

Now, when we say memories in Proxi, we seem to be looking at a mechanic whereby users will choose a model that best represents their memory, attributing it meaning. That way, Proxi players eventually build a city of fake memories about real events. 

Wright teamed up with Unity Connect, issuing a call to designers to submit their own modelled memories. To make matters even spookier, they actually have guidelines about what the memory must mean to them, to the extent that they have to send some source material as well. Here, for instance, is a properly modelled memory.

This way, Proxi will have the "tangible, visceral gameplay elements" Wright apparently needs. While we're not overly excited over a diary of false recollection, we've seen much stranger concepts work. At least EA ain't asking for body parts, right?

At least we're talking about fake memories here, because we're not sure mr. Wright would've liked the subconscious of the gaming community coming to surface. Especially because they may tell him what they think of his games past Sim City.

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