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The Sims mobile game: coming soon for iOS and Android

Published: 10:48, 11 May 2017
The Sims Mobile

EA announced a new mobile Sims game. The new game will come out for Android and iOS and feature all the signature features of its predecessors.

Oh the memories! We've all been there: a Sim is deeply annoying you, so you build a pool, make the Sim go in and get rid of the ladder. Or you wall them in and make them a part of your house forever. And then you go and ask yourself if you're normal and whether or not you should get help. Or you just go about your day, you psycho.

Prior to the release, EA Maxis promised an amazing depth of gameplay due to open ended-ness of the Sims' actions and the variety of customization options. When The Sims came out in 2000, the claims turned out to be true. Today, 17 years after the original release, the game is coming to mobile.

EA The Sims The Sims

The mobile version will be staying true to the original, as you'll be able to change the appearance of your characters, from head to toe. The  Sims' personality traits and life goals will also be at your mercy. The new mobile game will come with all the options of its PC counterpart. 

Build homes for your characters, socialise, build relationships, and lead the family you create through generations of mumbling Sims while your own social life crumbles apart. You'll always have your Sim family.

EA The Sims The Sims

Over time, you'll be able to collect Heirlooms - items that grant your future generations new hobbies and career options. 

While no information has been given regarding the release date and the price of the upcoming game, the trailer says that it will "Include in-app purchases". How else were you going to score that rad spiky mohawk hair-do? 

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