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Shadow Arena gets a battle pass and GPU giveaway

Published: 05:06, 08 August 2020
Pearl Abyss
Shadow Arena
Shadow Arena

Shadow Arena is off to a shaky start but Pearl Abyss are not ready to give up on it just yet as they announced a battle pass and a beefy GPU giveaway.

Pearl Abyss announced a battle pass for their battle royale spinoff from the Black Desert universe, Shadow Arena, that will apparently be shorter than what we are used to grinding in other games as it is set to last just over a month, ending on September 17, 2020.

It borrows the regular cues from other battle passes otherwise, such as earning battle points through fulfilling requirements such as winning matches in certain modes and completing daily quests.

Among the rewards in the battle pass progression are tickets and Sanguine Petal skin for Lahn. In case you were wondering what the tickets do, they are a way of entering a raffle for exclusive prizes such as a limited-edition Shadow Arena merch pack and even a GeForce RTX 2080 GPU.

The physical rewards are another thing that battle passes don't usually feature and considering the high price point of the GPU, it is self-explanatory on the why. Meanwhile, the merch pack is a nice touch for the fans of the series.

Ancient Weapons have been updated in Shadow Arena as the ones used by Laytenn and Puturum in solo, team and AI matches have been improved to help the players out as these were found to be underpowered previously.

The player base in Shadow Arena has dwindled since its release in early access due to both stability and balancing issues, leaving the attempts to resuscitate the game dubious at best.

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