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Shadow Arena release date in Steam Early Access revealed

Published: 09:20, 24 April 2020
Pearl Abyss
Shadow Arena
Shadow Arena

Pearl Abyss wasn't happy with the initial run of Shadow Arena on Steam so they pulled the game until proper changes were implemented. Now we have a date when the game will return to Early Access.

Shadow Arena is coming to Steam Early Access on 21 May 2020, meaning there was less than a month until release at the time of writing. For those unacquainted, Shadow Arena is the 40-player battle royale spin-off with roots in Black Desert Online by Pearl Abyss.

The game tried its luck on Steam in early 2020 but those few who played the game were split in opinion as the user reviews ended up having 56 per cent positive and 44 per cent negative ones. Some of the reasons were early snowballing in certain cases, grind forced upon free players and horrible balancing issues.

After the reception was not what Pearl Abyss hoped for, they pulled the game with a promise of returning later on when the issues have been ironed out. Now the time to return is drawing closer and it remains to be seen whether Shadow Arena will manage to find its audience.

Shadow Arena will have eight distinct classes, with each of them having four abilities. While the battle royale moniker means players will have to face off against each other, it also means acquiring gear to make themselves stronger in PvP combat.

Getting the gear will be a bit more complicated than just picking it up from the ground as Shadow Arena is essentially a PvPvE experience where players can farm the mobs for better items.

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