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Shadow Arena adds new mid-range Hero and game mode

Published: 13:43, 02 July 2020
Pearl Abyss
Shadow Arena screenshot showing new hero Lahn
Shadow Arena - Lahn

Pearl Abyss have today introduced a fresh batch of content to their free to play PvP title Shadow Arena. The game gets a new mid-ranged hero named Lahn and a new Ancient Weapons mode.

A brand new Hero has today arrived to Pearl Abyss' free to play title Shadow Arena. Named Lahn, it is a female hero, specialised in mid-ranged combat who fights with the Crescent Pendulum and the Noble Sword to control the distance between her and the enemy. 

Lahn's primary skill is named Winter Petal and it allows her to throw the Pendulum at the opponent and bridge the gap with lighting speed. You can check out the skill in the video showcase above. Pearl Abyss say this is a completely new playstyle for the game.

In addition to the arrival of new female Hero, the developers have also introduced a brand new Ancient Weapons mode. You can now create an Ancient Weapon channel, starting with Laytenn's Power Core and Puturum's Power Core.

Using Laytenn's Power Core will summon the Ancient Weapon Laytenn while Puturum's Power Core will consume the item and summon the Ancient Weapon Puturum.

Pearl Abyss Shadow Arena Shadow Arena

The patch is around 700 MB on PC and for more details about the new hero and full patch notes, visit the official Pearl Abyss website.

Shadow Arena is currently available on PC but it is also expected to arrive to consoles, both PlayStation and Xbox.

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