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Sea of Thieves gets Legends of the Sea content update and trailer

Published: 12:02, 16 January 2020
Sea of Thieves character Umbra in a lagoon
Sea of Thieves, Umbra

It was only recently that Rare announced that Sea of Thieves has sped by 10 million players but the dev isn't stoping, far from it. The game's new content update Legends of the Sea is live with the return of Duke, as well as the 10m milestone gifts.

"Though Stitcher Jim is nowhere to be found, Duke is back bearing lucrative Gilded Voyages! Everyone’s favourite Bilge Rat never fails to provide adventure and his Gilded Voyages award valuable treasure, worth a great deal of gold and reputation with a Trading Company", Rare wrote. 

Note that each player can only claim a single Gilded Voyage, so make sure you choose wisely. Moreover, if you're hungry for more gold, you can choose to forego the Company reputation and claim double the gold rewards by dropping off your spoils at The Reaper's Hideout. To find Duke, simply head to any tavern and speak to the man.

Sea of Thieves has got a new character called Umbra, who is Duke's old friend. You can find her at the Lagoon of Whispers and she's apparently amassed quite the collection of rumours about famous and infamous pirates, which is sure to come in handy. You might even get more tattoos if you play your cards right. 

You can start checking whether Umbra's Sea of Thieves legends hold any water by checking your Commendation list and following the clues. Each clue will lead you somewhere to investigate, and hopefully uncover more. 

Rare also added more Ashen Tomes, and should you grab all five Tomes of Fire and bring them to Duke - you'll get special Ashen cosmetics for each chapter, and a bonus for an entire set. 

Rare Sea of Thieves character with tattoos Sea of Thieves, new tattoos

To celebrate the recently hit 10m-players milestone, Rare are giving everyone free custom sail and special new emote. All you need to do is log into Sea of Thieves between 15 and 22 January. 

Rare Sea of Thieves character Umbra hunched over a map Sea of Thieves, Umbra at work

You can find more detailed patch notes on the

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