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SCUM is a survival game that insists on healthy eating habits

Published: 17:46, 09 April 2018
A man with a helmet and large backpack sitting on a log

Survival games like PUBG have already established the concept of a butt naked guy dropping from the sky but SCUM takes it to the next level - the game simulates human metabolism, so living healthy is a must. Until shooting starts, that is.

SCUM has got quite a team built around it, seeing as how the game's developer is Gamepires, whereas the producer is Croteam, the guys behind the Serious Sam franchise.

Being a survival title, SCUM may encounter a lot of competition but it looks to differentiate itself with some hard core realism. In fact, the devs start their presentation showing the in-game character taking a big steamy one, explaining how our metabolism is based on two crucial holes. We knew that Gamepires.

Gamepires A view of a rendered forest and field in the survival game SCUM SCUM

SCUM's in-game characters come with BCUs, body control units, which are situated on the back of one's head. Their job is monitoring your vital signs and the amount of data is pretty impressive.

Blood pressure, body temperature and pretty much anything you'll find on hospital equipment is featured in SCUM. Thankfully, you don't have to be a doctor or a licensed physician to interpret them. Even the devs reflected on it saying, "as long as it's not a flat line, you're good".

BCU performance monitor is extremely valuable when building up your character, as it packs stats such as gear weight and weight threshold, which are again directly related to the strength stat.

Gamepires Two men with large backpacks standing next to a river in SCUM SCUM

The devs said that getting your teeth knocked out in SCUM will not only affect your "whistling" - it'll actually make eating solid foods difficult, which in turn puts your body mass into question.

SCUM has entered early access, with the devs claiming it will take about a year to the final release. Note however that community related requests may push this date around somewhat.

The game will increase in pricing as well so if you like what you see, you might as well go for SCUM early, as it may save you a few bucks. You can find SCUM or on the game's .

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