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SCUM gets Early Access teaser trailer, eat healthy, die young

Published: 17:26, 11 June 2018
Updated: 12:37, 24 September 2018
Two men with large backpacks standing next to a river in SCUM

Developers of SCUM, the survival game that has you maintaining healthy eating habits, have finally revealed when can the masses have a proper go at SCUM. As the teaser trailer says, SCUM will hit Steam's Early Access come August 2018.

We've back in April 2018, when Gamepires teased pre-alpha footage. At the time, they were discussing the metabolism of in-game characters, which was quite accurately modelled after our very own, making living and not dying two very distinct and separate concepts.

Gamepires seem to have gone for a theme that begs the comparison to contemporary culture and I'm inclined to say Hunger Games. Older sods like myself however, know darn well this sort of, ahem, contest, was conceived much earlier by the late great George Carlin, during his exploration of entertainment-focused capital punishment.

Anyway, SCUM is basically a reality survival show, where "contestants" fight across an island called Bagne de Cayenne. The part that resembles Hunger Games is the part where you "receive powerful gifts from corporate sponsors" and even get resurrected in some scenarios, although we're yet to find out how that part works exactly.

TEC1, the in-game company owning the rights to SCUM entertainment, ensures that the game progresses at its standard pace, which is hectic with a lot of gore. If not, there's always Mr. Smiles to ensure that quality standards are met.

All in all, SCUM is looking to deliver a higher level of complexity to the survival genre, although certainly not at the expense of the gaming experience. The game offers unprecedented customization options, many of them directly related to how often you're stuffing your hole full of junk food. We're not kidding, see below.

Looking quite promising in its initial stages, SCUM is also notable for the developer Gamepires and Croteam working closely with the community, even to the point of adding features thought up by the fans. One of them is ensuring that when playing in third person view and for instance crouching, parts of the screen you shouldn't be able to see are blurred. Interesting concept if nothing else.

Gamepires A man with a helmet and large backpack sitting on a log SCUM


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