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SCUM rolls out new patch with Easy Anti Cheat, among other things

Published: 11:42, 03 September 2018
Updated: 11:47, 03 September 2018
Character creation screen from Gamepires' shooter SCUM

Gamepires are continuing with their super-human efforts on polishing SCUM with the latest patch that implements Easy Anti Cheat among other things. The dev also pulled some tattoos that were deemed to be Nazi, on a weekend no less.

The patch actually landed on a Sunday, with 17 guys from Gamepires taking but a few days off in the past two months or so, hence my usage of super-human. The community that formed around the game is really appreciative of their efforts though, with SCUM's reddit bursting with compliments as well as wishes that [insert game name here] had the same support.

Anyway, Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) is already live in SCUM and Gamepires stressed on their twitter that any cheating before the patch is not due to EAC failing, but because other things had higher priority. Also, they warned against using exploits, since they will be considered cheating.

SCUM's sentries have had their reload times extended and the shooting cone expanded, which means they won't be as clinical in dispatching us poor sods to the eternal hunting grounds. The sentries can now enter the airport hangar and the airport is now a Danger volume, which means that sentries won't be warning you before shooting. I wanted to say before unloading, but SCUM has made unloading mean something entirely different.

Servers got the admin controls and there are also filtering and pinging improvements. Potential memory leak for the master server has been fixed and you can now search for servers via the search button. This is as far as SCUM's server improvements go for this patch, although we're likely to see more server and netcode improvements in the following days.

There's a bunch of other fixes such as cursor disappear bug although my highlight has to be that the calory intake of human and puppet meat is now correct. Is it me or does this just sound plain wrong?

Gamepires A large sentry from SCUM chasing a prisoner on an airstrip SCUM, But, he just wants to make friends!

In the meantime, Gamepires pulled some tattoos that came with SCUM's Supporter Pack, seeing as how they depicted Nazi symbols. One would think that the story of prisoners made to fight on an island would warrant some of them bearing such symbols, but the dev pulled it nevertheless after some players found it offensive.

You can find SCUM's patch notes .

SCUM, survival battle royale by Gamepires and Croteam

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