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SCUM developer rolls out the first patch after server issues

Published: 19:08, 29 August 2018
Updated: 07:57, 30 August 2018
A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

Gamepires' survival game SCUM has already been dubbed the DayZ killer but the game's surge in popularity seems to have come at the expense of server performance, which has been questionable to say the least. Hopefully, the patch fixes it.

Even though reviews of SCUM have been overwhelmingly positive, most of them referred solely to the gaming component. To be fair, SCUM has struck an incredibly fun and inventive balance between the traditional survival mechanics and modern battle royale.

When it comes to server performance though, Gamepires' game leaves a lot to be desired, with peculiar examples of friendly fire that actually wasn't and server disconnects. Seeing as how playing SCUM requires you to create a character each time you fire it up, you can imagine the frustration players felt.

Gamepires have just rolled out patch, which claims to fix some of these issues. Firstly, clicking back in server browsers now should no longer lock clients and servers will be performing more frequent player saves. The latter should fix the issue with having to create your SCUM character over and over again.

SCUM's world bounds have been extended, meaning your head won't explode when too close to the wall. Some landscape bugs have been fixed as well. Max Events are now limited to 16 players as Gamepires thinks that more simply isn't fun. The dev said this is still subject to change, provided the community asks for it.

At the time of writing, yours truly has been watching Sacriel's stream, which is at the moment called SCUMRIEL, and he's been experiencing the same issues, i.e. server disconnects and questionable net code. Thankfully though, the lengthy numbered SCUM patch has arrived mid-crash and as things currently stand, it seems to have fixed the game.

Gamepires A zombie attacking a man in a large corn field in SCUM SCUM

It would indeed be a shame for SCUM to fall prey to lousy netcode after showing off such great potential. On the other hand, we are talking about Early Access and Gamepires seem like a hardworking bunch, so if they keep up the work they've done so far, SCUM should be around for a long, long time.

You can find the full patch notes , but I couldn't help but provide a few funny excerpts below.

Patch notes

- Potential server crash fix when looting dead body (In short, the game will crash less)

- Various code review fixes (Programing crew told me to ignore this, but in short a lot of small bug fixes)

- Aggressive animals now more aggressive, they remain in alert instead if fleeing when provoked. (Don't mess with we really need to say that by now?)

- Sugar digestions lowered to 20min. (Treat your self)

- Animal fat nutrition fixed (Eat smart not a lot)

- Prisoner head is now 2x2 inventory size (Throw a dead persons head on another guy because you can)

SCUM, survival battle royale by Gamepires and Croteam

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

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