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SCUM is adding a heart attack mechanic to stop a man from eating

Published: 15:17, 27 October 2018
Updated: 19:39, 27 October 2018
Scum character stares directly into the Sun risking his eyeballs

SCUM is a game with probably the deepest survival mechanics that involve metabolism. While some players were content with pooping around for the kicks, one decided to become the fattest in the game. Devs took notice and aim to stop him.

Gamepires are looking to stop this madman that is eating all the food in SCUM by one of the most effective ways to stop anyone - death. In the case of the fattest player in SCUM, who has managed to gain by now, Gamepires will make the game's mechanics even deeper, by adding a heart attack mechanic.

As it turns out, the fat character garnered not only the attention of other players but also that of developers and publishers. In a with PC Gamer at PAX Australia, Graeme Struthers implicated that fat is one of the leading causes of heart attacks in real life and will be a cause for them in SCUM. He stated that "those kinds of things will start to get added in, so that's probably going to be the end of eating zombie fat".

Technically, a similar condition could kill players in SCUM already, but this would happen only due to hypothermia or overexertion, so overeating would be a completely new mechanic on how to get a heart attack. Fortunately for the 400 kilogram monster eater, the mechanic will not be arriving in the next update, as Struthers stated that the developers have their eyes on adding other things to the game first.

For example, there are scheduled for the next patch, such as the SUV and a tractor. While the latter definitely sounds like the prime target for having fun in SCUM, SUVs might prove to be the more interesting vehicles in the long run since Gamepires have also announced the possbility of customising vehicles in the future.

Gamepires Scum screenshot of player running across a bridge of something like it Scum

Customisation options will not come with the next patch either, but are definitely something to look out for in the days to come. There is currently no ETA on the update, as the developers have to first test out whether these new additions work.


SCUM, survival battle royale by Gamepires and Croteam

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