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Sage gets kicked in the shins in the latest Valorant patch

Published: 00:50, 02 September 2020
Updated: 16:29, 02 September 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Sage trailer screenshot
Valorant - Sage

Another Valorant balance pass, another Sage nerf but she is not alone in the nerfing grounds as Killjoy has been tuned while Viper keeps getting buffs to get her more in line with other controllers.

Sage has been nerfed so many times now that she could become Riot Games' next "better nerf" meme, following Irelia's successful run in the earlier part of 2010s. 

Anyway, the healer shouldn't be as potent at keeping everyone topped up since her Heal ability can only restore 60 health over five seconds to allies. On top of that, it heals her even slower since it takes 10 seconds for Sage to receive the full effect.

Her control powers have also diminished as Slow Orb's size is reduced by 30 per cent and the wall from Barrier Orb now initially has 400 HP which ramps up to 800 after a three-second delay. This should make it easy to break through the ice if a Sage pops a wall in your face.

Killjoy's Nanoswarm will now have a brief windup before it starts damaging foes in the area. Even if they still get caught, they will take 40 damage per second, as opposed to 60 which was the case before. Stealth audio range and additional visual effects were added to help identify the area with hostile Nanoswarm in it.

On the other hand, Killjoy's turret is now more effective since it should fire at enemies more reliably and it will not be revealed by Sova's recond arrow.

The main problem with Viper was that players who don't excel at playing her would often harm their teammates. Riot Games now removed this obstacle since Decay will no longer hurt allies.


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One potentially broken change is that the Toxin Screen can now be placed during the buying phase and even goes through the spawn barriers which should make executes much smoother.

Without having to worry about decay, Viper's allies can now waddle around her pit and to help them with that, Riot added an indicator to their radars. 

You can check out Breach and Sova changes along with the ones for weapons on the official website.

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