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Sage gets Barrier buff in latest Valorant patch

Published: 19:19, 08 December 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Sage trailer screenshot
Valorant - Sage

Sage has fallen out of favour of Valorant players - pro and casual alike, and Riot Games are looking to bring her back up with some buffs in patch 1.14.

Riot Games nerfed Sage several times over the course of Valorant's existence due to the agent being so dominant but recent meta changes saw her pick rate dropped massively.

Besides the nerfs for her kit overall, the latest agent, Skye, also features a heal with potentially more useful other abilities that make players forego Sage picks even more.

Patch 1.14 is looking to bring her back in line with the top of the class as Sage's Barrier will no longer gradually lose health when placed. This will only apply if the Barrier gets fortified so the other team will still have counterplay options for it.

The change also doesn't mean the wall is immortal unless shot up since the health deterioration will begin "a few seconds" before the Barrier expires.

On the flip side, Sage will no longer be able to place the barrier during the buy phase. Riot apparently meant to introduce this change as a workaround for an exploit with Omen but they eventually decided the change is for the best overall and opted to keep it.

You know that pesky map that people hope they don't have to play lately? The frozen one? Yes, the Icebox. It is getting several changes that you can preview on te official patch notes post .


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While the Sage changes are the highlight of the patch, there is plenty of stuff devs implemented in 1.14 hoping to give everyone a better experience.

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