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Rust will be be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Spring

Published: 18:35, 08 March 2021

In what has to be one of the longest waits in history, Facepunch's survival title Rust has been cleared for launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One no later than spring.

The developer recently announced Rust's console beta in select regions, but they mostly steered clear of dates at the time. Now, however, Gamespot reports that they set the date for spring, which sounds a bit too ambitious. 

Rust has had somewhat of a resurgence lately, with a number of high profile streamers jumping in at the beginning of 2021, which in turn propelled the survival game back into the public eye. A testament to the prowess of Facepunch's marketing team, this earned them quite a few viewers, hence the drive to bring it onto consoles now. 

Rust's PC players were not overlooked either, as the game is getting a hefty update there too. The update's flagship feature is, of course, the underground tunnel network, which opens up a number of possibilities for players. 

In addition to the ample loot contained within, the underground tunnel network features driveable work carts. Each cart has 1,000 energy but it cannot be damaged by anything other than collisions or dynamite. 

Moreover, the carts can be repaired, but all scenarios point at the fact that Rust's new additions are best experienced with friends. Otherwise, you're either just driving or just shooting, which doesn't sound like much fun really. 

Facepunch Studios Rust logo RUST - Half-light

Last but not least from the last update are the tunnel dwellers, the strange denizens of Rust's shiny new network. They're not a very loveable bunch, mind you, so expect them to block your way quite often when you're attempting to have yourself a cosy underground ride.

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