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Rust gets 6-minute gameplay videos for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Published: 18:13, 13 March 2021
Facepunch Studios
A tank defending its base in Rust

As Rust edges closer to launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the developer has rolled out two 6-minute gameplay videos for each console, so prospective players know exactly what they're getting.

Some would say that launching a console version of the resurgent survival now, almost a decade after the PC version could be pointless, but better late than never. Besides, it would be even more pointless to let Rust's recent player spikes go to waste. 

Rust's PS4 and Xbox One launches are a great way to extend the game's life by another few years, and we don't need to remind you of how lucrative consoles can be. 

Rust's graphics may not be all the rage it was back when it launched, but it will run well on past-gen and certainly help provide a home to any still-disoriented Cyberpunk 2077 fans. 

It goes without saying that neither PS4 nor Xbox One are no longer top dogs in their packs either, so Facepunch has a chance to gain new players whose finances don't allow for the next-gen jump yet.

Having clearly learnt from CD Projekt Red's shambolic console launch - who didn't - Facepunch's trailers will take you through an average day out in Rust on your console of choice. You'll get to see some running around, plenty of gunplay and combat in general, as well as a few heals here and there. 

Facepunch's clever, streamer-oriented marketing has brought the game back into the public eye once more, and there's also the new update that adds an underground tunnel network, driveable work carts and tunnel dwellers, cranky residents of the said tunnels who will often be throwing wrenches into your plans. 


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