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Rumour: Troy Baker teases TLOU2 multiplayer mode reveal

Published: 13:57, 16 September 2020
Naughty Dog
The Last of Us 2 protagonist playing a guitar
The Last of Us Part 2, key art

Troy Baker's tweet gets gamers believing that Naughty Dog will reveal a multiplayer mode for The Last of Us Part II, at tonight's PlayStation 5 Showcase event.

Troy Baker, the voice of so many great video game characters, is teasing something on his Twitter. One of his latest tweets implies that we might get something neat announced soon.

He posted a photo of his first, and the last game, he worked on.

The first one is old school fps, Brothers in Arms: Road to hill 30. The other one, well, it's just a black screen with NDA on it. In the following tweet, he wrote: "It's the prequel we never thought we'd get from 'REDACTED'.", so people instantly got into believing that maybe the Uncharted Sully spin-off is really on its way .

In our opinion, it's more likely that a Naughty Dog will release a The Last of Us Part II multiplayer mode, as it's too soon for a new triple-A game by Naughty Dog.

Sony's PS5 showcase event is just a couple of hours away, and it will be interesting to see will they announce 'The Factions' multiplayer mode tonight, and will it be a stand-alone game, or a DLC for the base game.

Of course, we anticipate that TLOU2 will get some sort of PS5 patch, with next-gen improvements, such a 4K60fps mode, Ray-Tracing reflections and shadows, better anisotropic filtering, etc.

AltChar Tweet from Troy Baker teasing his new game Troy Baker teasing his new game

The original TLOU game had an awesome multiplayer mode, called The Factions, with very similar gameplay mechanics to its singleplayer counterpart. Stealth-heavy, team-based 4v4 action, with crafting being a huge part of it, just like in singleplayer game.

The Factions had three game modes: 

  • Supply Raid, 
  • Survivors 
  • Interrogations.

You had to work with your team, in almost every aspect of the match, in order to emerge victoriously. 

TLOU2 is one of the best looking games of this generation, and it introduced some new gameplay mechanics, like crawling, dodging and jumping, so we can tell why gamers are seeing the great potential in a multiplayer mode.

We just hope ND announces it tonight as a launch title for PS5. That would be like having a 1st party multiplayer game at the launch, just like Killzone Shadowfall was back in 2013 for the PlayStation 4.

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