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Roguebook gameplay trailer showcases deeper mechanics

Published: 19:36, 16 March 2021
Abrakam Entertainment

Nacon and Abrakam revealed a new gameplay trailer for Roguebook, offering a deeper glimpse into the mechanics of the game.

Roguebook is another game that will try to mix several genres into one. It's a roguelike, deckbuilder game with elements reminiscent of JRPGs. At first, players will get two heroes from the four available and attempt to build a team that will find success in the tactical turn-based combat.

Each of these heroes is in possession of a unique set of cards, which brings the second pillar of Roguebook - deck management. Players will need to create synergies between heroes and their cards in order to maximise their combat prowess. They will also need to control the heroes' position during fights since there are offensive and defensive ones involved.

Additional cards for the decks will be found during exploration and these cards can be upgraded or transmuted into new ones. Either way can raise the team's power as expanding the decks will also provide new talents and skills for the heroes. On the other hand, having too large a deck will bring a lot of RNG, which could spell doom in certain situations.

When we say doom, we mean it. This is a roguelike game so getting defeated will cause you to start all over again. However, the permanent upgrade system with unlockable cards and hero abilities will allow for some progress saving.

Those looking for more challenge will also have the Epilogue mode to experiment with as it will add certain modifiers but also better rewards.

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