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Rockstar show off Red Dead Redemption 2 weapons, customisations

Published: 17:25, 12 October 2018
Rockstar Games
Description of two iconic pistols from Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2

As we draw closer to the launch of what already seems to qualify as one of highlights of 2018, Rockstar shed more light on Red Dead Redemption 2's weapons, revealing there will be more than 50 unique firearms with a bunch of customisation.

Rockstar claim that Red Dead Redemption 2's guns will act like in real life, in a sense that the more you use them, the better they behave. They also degrade and thus require proper maintenance. Well, either that, or get ready to fall back on your sidearm, which is subject to the same rules by the way.

Rockstar said there will be more than 50 weapons, although they didn't show all of them, just the more iconic setup. The first revolver from the top on the image above is probably the most iconic cowboy gun ever, Colt's 1873 Single Action Army model or Cattleman as it's called in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Second up is just as iconic as the Colt, and that's the Litchfield Repeater, which is a digital version of Winchester's Repeater, "The Gun that Won the West". We're not sure whether Rockstar ran into certification issues here or something, because as far as I recall, the original Red Dead Redemption had Winchesters properly named and all. Oh well.

Springfield rifle makes a return from Red Dead Redemption as well, although in real life, the name stands for almost a century worth of rifles. Nevertheless, you can bet it hurts like hell and kicks like a mule.

Rockstar listed a bunch of customisation options, "from visual upgrades like new metals, woods, varnishes and engravings to performance upgrades like new barrels, grips, sights and scopes". Red Dead Redemption 2's weapon efficiency has been nuanced to fit different usage scenarios, so while revolvers make sense while riding, more close-up scenarios make shotgun a dream.

Rockstar Games Description of the Litchfield Repeater rifle from Red Dead Redemption 2 Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a new Dead Eye system that the company says "expands and becomes more sophisticated over the course of the game". Eventually, you'll be able to automatically select enemies or even pick a few targets to finish off, Overwatch's McRee style.

Rockstar Games Description of the Springfield rifle from Red Dead Redemption 2 Red Dead Redemption 2

You can find out more and see some of the weapons in action on Red Dead Redemption 2's website .


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