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Red Dead Online free food can provide easy gold bars

Published: 20:40, 28 November 2021
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Red Dead Online, Legendary Banded Gator
Red Dead Online, Legendary Banded Gator

Rockstar Games added a bit of celebration to Red Dead Online for Thanksgiving, which let players complete challenges that would otherwise require a bunch of money.

Thanksgiving celebration in Red Dead Online resulted in the devs letting players "purchase" food from stores at the price of zero dollars. Normally, everyone stuffed their satchels with food so they don't have to waste time on cooking later on, in order to keep their cores up. However, there is an additional use for the bonus that will expire next Tuesday, on November 30, 2021. 

Challenges that award gold bars are coveted by the players due to the lack of a significant way of acquiring the premium currency quickly so completing them in a matter of minutes is certainly something everyone will want to try out.

One of the challenges is to pick up 1,000 items from the camp lockbox, which you may have already completed as players tend to buy a bunch of ammo and keep a stockpile under Cripps' watch. If you haven't, you can complete it by grabbing enough food from stores to max out your satchel space, at which point it will be forwarded to your camp. Simply go there, empty the satchel, loot the food, rinse and repeat until you get the gold bars for completion.

Red Dead Online

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Red Dead Online

By the time you complete that challenge, you will have also completed the one that asks you to purchase 1,000 consumables. If you already had the camp collection challenge completed, you will just need to purchase food until you can't take it anymore. Empty out your food-related storage and repeat until you get another four gold bars.

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