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Red Dead Online: 2X Collector cash rewards, September 14-21, 2021

Published: 13:54, 14 September 2021
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Red Dead Online

Collectors are going to have a good time in Red Dead Online, provided they don't run into bugs that haven't been addressed yet.

Red Dead Online weekly bonuses and discounts are favouring the Collector role but there are other things that might pique your interest as well. 

Madam Nazar will offer double cash rewards on any full Collector sets you put together and you will get double XP in some cases. Furthermore, the role can be unlocked at a lower price as it will cost 30 per cent fewer gold bars and the tools of the trade are 40 per cent off, including:

  • Collector Maps
  • Pennington Field Shovel
  • Metal Detector

Those who are not into the role can still use the double XP rates in Features Series while Story Missions will offer double cash rewards. 

The rest of the discounts are as follows:

  • 30 per cent off
    • All Criollo horses
    • Rafferty Eyepatch
    • Carbow Double Bandolier
    • Espinal Double Bandolier
    • Salizzo Double Bandolier
    • The Gladewater
    • The Londonderry
    • The Wallingford
    • The Wentworth
  • 40 per cent off
    • All pistols (not revolvers)

Red Dead Online

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