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Crowfall Founders' Update discusses The Shadow update

Published: 02:09, 06 August 2021
The Shadow means war on two fronts
The Shadow means war on two fronts

The Shadow has launched in all regions with competitive PvP 3-faction campaigns, now live. What this means for Crowfall is the indication of moving forward, and founders have a few words to say on the matter.

The Crowfall service experienced some challenges, as the first Dregs campaigns came to a close last week. Players identified an issue in the Conquest scoring system late in the campaign and as a result, devs had to choose to delay delivery of the Conquest segment of rewards to allow their team time to review the data. After an initial review, they announced a change to the scoring system to curtail further abuse as the campaign was ending.

After further review of the data and related player feedback, ArtCraft have decided to move forward and grant all the Conquest rewards as originally offered in the campaign, to all the winning guild leaders - to ensure no player guilds were denied rewards they earned during the campaign.

As they initiate more campaigns, and with the addition of The Shadow campaign worlds, they hope to continue to learn from players and evolve Crowfall. Going forward they have adopted a new minimum requirement of 100 Conquest points to qualify for the Conquest rewards, which are gained by holding Strongholds including outposts, forts, keeps, and castles in-game. The reward criteria will be updated in the Dregs campaign now live to the correct levels. The current Conquest reward in-game is a placeholder pending this update.

ArtCraft Those castles won't siege themselves if you want the points Those castles won't siege themselves if you want the points

An exciting Crow Recruits Buddy program is added, giving all Crowfall players, who have purchased the game, the ability to invite their friends to play Crowfall for 10 days free. Buddies who then decide to purchase the game will find a 25% discount waiting for them at Checkout in the Crowfall Store. Crowfall is definitely more fun with friends and hopefully, this makes it easier and more rewarding for you to recruit yours.

Developers promise to do updates to Crowfall on the Live server as needed, and that their team is already working on the next major game update, focused on delivering more gameplay and game improvements.

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