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Crowfall delivers a third type of competitive PvP World

Published: 02:43, 04 August 2021
Crows do not go quietly into the night

Crowfall released its first post-launch update on August 2, called The Shadow. The release introduces The Shadow campaign worlds where players join fast-paced, and intensely competitive 3-faction campaign wars - with no need for a Guild.

Battles in The Shadow worlds reflect the same competitive challenges found in The Dregs in terms of conquest, building defensible Strongholds, and territory control. However, The Shadow offers players, guilded and unguilded, the ability to be part of a competitive conquest event where their choices can change the outcome of the Campaign and the World.

The Shadow release also includes refinements and additions to several key areas of the PvP gameplay experience.

New larger map in The Dregs - The expanded size of the map and larger zone limits opens up more possibilities for larger battles and for teams to take advantage of strategic opportunities for control and leverage.

Duelist, Assassin, and Ranger Class Refinements - Changes to strengthen the sub-classes or specialization elements of each by bringing more focus and value to what they each do best; giving players a more strategic role in how they can uniquely contribute to their team.

New Elemental NPC Enemies - Exciting new enemies for players to face; Ice and Lightning Elementals have joined the world's emerging and ever-expanding set of creatures - Crows will have to rise to the challenge to overcome these monsters and earn their valued loot.

Significant Performance Improvements - This release includes a substantial set of performance improvements that will contribute to an improved framerate.

ArtCraft Crowfall Pantheon before Corruption Crowfall Pantheon before Corruption

Major Refinements and Feature Fixes - As part of the update additional tuning, polish and refinements were made to game items, environment pieces, and crafting resources/interface elements along with tuning of several classes, in response to player feedback; also hundreds of fixes and updates across all player worlds to deliver a more polished and engaging experience across the Crowfall universe.

With its first update live and marketing process up and running, Crowfall has left its launch stages and set off towards building a player base, and a game legacy.

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