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Crowfall offers price protection on Parcels and Buildings

Published: 03:13, 15 August 2021
Those castles won't siege themselves if you want the points
Sieges are always the focus of improvement in Crowfall

One of the first ways Crowfall grew their own funding was through the game's housing and land-owning system. Players that believed in the game pledged their support in exchange for these assets, and now, Crowfall is lowering the prices.

Crowfall announced it is awarding Crowns to players as price protection for the change in pricing on Parcels and Buildings individually purchased from the Crowfall Store at any time before August 9, 2021. 

That’s right, for any player who purchased a Parcel (section of land on which a building can be placed in your personal Eternal Kingdom) or a Building (unique structures that players can place in their personal Eternal Kingdom), no matter when you will be receiving a price protection credit in the form of “Crowns” (Crowfall’s virtual currency). The Crowns granted will cover the difference in the price based on when you originally purchased and new pricing. 

Best of all, for all players in the worlds of Crowfall, the cost of all Parcels are being reduced by 40% and the cost of Buildings will be reduced by varying amounts to accommodate changes in the market and to be responsive to player feedback. 

ArtCraft’s philosophy is that whenever you purchase digital goods from their store, the price they charge you will always be the best value they can offer. A crowning achievement that bodes well for Crows across the community!

ArtCraft Crowfall buildings through time Crowfall buildings through time

Some fans though have accused ArtCraft of this being just a simple scheme to raise more money to support their game, as there have been rumors in the past that spoke of financial troubles.

However, whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. With the compensation for the change in pricing, veteran Crows are on the winning end of this development and can look forward to free money burning a hole in their pocket.

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