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Riot Games Stop Bjergsen From Playing in Mr Beast's LoL Tournament

Published: 23:43, 11 July 2022
League of Legends pro player Bjergsen on stage
League of Legends pro player Bjergsen on stage
Bjergsen with the Player of the Week performance

Mr. Beast has been trying to organize a League of Legends match against Ninja, gathering some big names from the LoL streamer, and competitive scene. However, Riot Games have interfered.

It all started with a seemingly innocuous statement on Twitter, where Mr. Beast said he might organize a League of Legends tournament while having a joking dig at Ninja.

From there, the sides were taken, and teams established. It seems, however, for their showdown, which took place on July 9, in Las Vegas. However, the teams were not exactly what the organizers intended them to be.

It seems that Mr. Beast had intended for Bjergsen, a professional League of Legends player, to be a part of his team, but Riot Games put a stop to that, allegedly.

This stems from the fact that LCS, and LEC, players are not allowed to play in unofficial League of Legends tournaments, as per Riot Games ' rules. And the only official tournaments are those organized by Riot Games themselves, of course.

Riot Games TSM Bjergsen TSM Bjergsen

This has sparked a debate online, about the tight leash Riot Games are holding over the League of Legends eSports, and the difference in treatment VALORANT fans and LoL fans get, when it comes to tournaments, with VALORANT having far more tournaments organized on a yearly basis.

Third parties, such as Mr. Beast, for example, with his creativity in organizing such events, would force Riot Games to increase the quality of their own organization efforts, say the fans, and that is not something that suits Riot it seems.

Seeing as fans have been asking for a better LoL eSports circuit for years now, it's unlikely that this Mr. Beast issue will spark a change any time soon.

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