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Riot Games plan to introduce reporting during champion selection

Published: 23:42, 08 May 2020
Riot Games
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Pulsefire Ekko

An interesting article on the official League of Legends website has revealed Riot's new intentions with the ongoing problem regarding player's behaviour.

League of Legends Design Director, Andrei van Roon, also known as Riot Meddler, has released the weekly "Quick Gameplay Thoughts" piece where he mentioned a couple of very interesting things they are planning to do with the game.

The first part of the article acknowledges the problem of "inting/afking" claiming that it's an ongoing topic in the League of Legends community, also adding that it's something Riot will need to give more attention to in the future.

They continue by specifically defining the kind of behavior they will be targeting, saying that some of the game-ruining tactics are much harder to detect than others. For example, going AFK is much easier to track down compared to players who are intentionally avoiding teamfights or objectives.

The thing they are focusing on right now is the report and notification system. Previously we’d get notified that a reported player had been punished only if it was triggered immediately after the game you were reporting them for. This ultimately meant that the number of notifications was substantially lower than the actual punishments.

The new notification system will let us know if our report resulted in punishment, regardless of its time and category.

Riot Games League of Legends roles illustration No more "Mid or feed" messages

Probably the most interesting thing mentioned in the article is the new option to report and mute players during champion selection. We will be given the ability to report disruptive behavior in the pre-game draft which is a much-needed change since most of the games nowadays, especially in higher elo, are decided before the champions even hit the rift.

However, we might not see immediate results since the first reports will be used to establish "a data foundation for champ select behavior" and once enough data is gathered, a punishment system will be deployed.

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