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Riot Games explain why they are not deleting Yuumi from the game

Published: 21:43, 02 July 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends Yuumi splash art
Yuumi isn't getting deleted after all

The official League of Legends website has released an interesting article where Riot gave their opinion on all the recent "delete Yuumi" community demands.

Since her release, Yuumi and her place in the champion roster have been an ongoing topic in the League of Legends community. While there are some who support Riot's intention to bring something new and different to the Rift, a big portion of the community wants the cat entirely removed.

Even G2's AD carry, Perkz, who is arguably the best League of Legends player Europe has ever produced, made a series of tweets where he expresses his dissatisfaction with the troublesome support.

Riot gave an official response where they explained answered some frequently asked questions when it comes to the design of the champion.

First of all, they addressed the popular misconception that Yuumi's kit is too easy to execute properly, where they further explained that her champion mastery curve is more in the line with complicated champions like Qiyana and Akali.

A champion’s mastery curve represents how much more effective a player becomes on a champion as the number of games increases.

They claim that playing Yuumi requires things that no other champion in the game does like:

  • identifying who to attach to and when it’s safe to hop out
  • using her Prowling Projectile (Q) properly
  • managing vision control as the slowest champion in the game

Further on they explained that one of the main reasons for Yuumi's existence is that her unique kit and playstyle give more depth to the champion roster.

Splash art of Battle Principal Yuumi Splash art of Battle Principal Yuumi Battle Principal Yuumi

They agreed that Yuumi hasn't been fair to play against in recent times as she had hardly any counterplay which was probably the main reason for all the "delete Yuumi" movements.

In the end, they reflected on the nerfs she got in the last patch where they specifically targeted her mana usage. This will force her to hop out of the champion she's attached to in order to gain some additional mana, thanks to her passive. The change will force Yuumi to interact with the opponents which will expose her to some counterplay.

They concluded by saying that Yuumi is a successful champion as she offers a very unique playstyle.

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