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Respawn: Apex Legends Year 2 is all about characters and storytelling

Published: 19:52, 15 February 2020
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Apex Legends, Season 4: Assimilation, revenge story?

Earlier this month, Apex Legends celebrated its first birthday although the amount of excitement that followed the game would have you think it's been here for ages. If Respawn are to be believed, however, the best is yet to come.

In an interview with GameSpot, Respawn's COO Dusty Welch said that innovation is the name of the game for the second year of Apex Legends, as the team had a lot on their plate since their battle royale exploded onto the scene. 

"You think about the first year of launching something, a new IP successfully, and a team that had not engaged in live service before. And so there's a lot of muscle memory you have to build up and you've got to find your stride, and you've got to protect the team and the team health along the way. You've got to find that sweet spot", the said. 

Now, battle royale isn't exactly a storytelling friendly genre, at least it wasn't until Respawn came into play, and this is the path they're dead set on pursuing in the future. 

In fact, if you played their recent event, you probably noticed it yourself - everything went quiet and it quite frankly sucked. Where are our characters darn it? While we personally love most of them, that's when it really hit us why Apex Legends is so special - it's got loads of character. 

"We think that storytelling - finding a reason for people to really care and latch on to the game on a meaningful and personal level, have that emotional connection to a character - is so much deeper, so much better than not having it. [Players] get invested in that story and the interplay, and they're buddies with their characters as well, and how they play with each other in the game", Welch said.

EA Apex Legends map, Capitol City Apex Legends, the new and divided Capitol City

Welch said that this was always the intention with Apex Legends and that they're delighted it's come together so well. "People are begging us for more and the team here loves it and are really starting to riff and run with it now. We're just getting started", he said. 

Apex Legends director Chad Grenier chimed in about the storytelling part as well, saying "We have a really creative team, both on the dev side and the marketing side, and everybody is sort of involved in working on the game. So it could just start as a hallway conversation or a random idea at dinner. And just like anything in this company, people will jump on a great idea and people get really passionate and involved."

EA Apex Legends animated character in a talk show Apex Legends, wait for it!

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Apex Legends, Season 4: Assimilation, new guns, legend, ammo type and map changes

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