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Apex Legends: Dummie's Big Day is fun but eerily quiet

Published: 17:23, 27 January 2020
Crash test dummies holding guns in Apex Legends
Apex Legends: Firing Range dwellers strike back!

Apex Legends has kissed Kings Canyon After Dark goodbye and the new Grand Soirée limited-time mode is Dummie's Big Day, where you get to experience firsthand how it feels being voiceless and faceless. Speaking of voiceless - it's quite eerie.

Now Dummie's Big Day turns a lot of what you'd consider regular Apex Legends play on its head, as it replaces all the characters with the poor Firing Range dwellers - you only get to pick the colour. 

Don't be fooled by the animation that follows as it seems to all be Bangalore, but this is no Mokujin-Tekken scenario - you're still a glorified kicking bucket running around. 

Dummies do have a selection of useful abilities, but the passive ability is an undisputed winner solely for the comic relief. Each dummy has the Good Hustle passive, whose description states, "We're really proud of you, sweetie!"

Apex Legends players playing Dummie's Big Day all sport Loot Spawner tactical ability, which lets you spawn random items. You can get pretty lucky with these as it can spawn attachments too, but health and ammo can be useful as well. 

Panic Button is what serves as a unified ultimate ability in Dummie's Big Day, but it actually comes in three flavours. There's the Mirage-like one, which creates clones that mimic whatever the player does. Next up is the Emergency Area Heal, which does exactly what it says, while the third one is equally as self-explanatory Emergency Loot Pinata. 

Respawn artwork showing the original Apex Legends characters The original Apex Legends characters

We must admit though - not hearing the usual chatter of Apex Legends' characters is occasionally downright spooky, and we're not sure whether the comms being shown in writing help. 

It just goes to show that Respawn did a magnificent job in shaking up the battle royale from the facelessness that was once thought to be inherent to the genre. It probably still is, but it clearly doesn't have to be. We genuinely miss our characters, and not because of cosmetics. Well, everyone except for that smiling robot.

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