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Resident Evil 8 listed for PS4 via online retailer

Published: 07:07, 08 June 2020
Updated: 07:27, 08 June 2020
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It looks like Resident Evil 8 reveal is just around the corner. The game's PlayStation 4 version has been spotted at Austrian online retailer GamesOnly and it's described as the most gruesome title of the series.

Resident Evil 8 was set to be revealed on Sony's PlayStation 5 but as you may know, the event has been delayed due to the ongoing protests in the United States. And as we wait to hear about the new event date, which is rumoured to be set for June 11 2020, new rumours and leaks about Resident Evil 8 have surfaced online.

First, we got a new report which revealed a ton of new details about the game's villain, locations and story and today, we have a listing over at Austrian online retailer GamesOnly, which has Resident Evil 8 PlayStation 4 version available for pre-orders.

There's nothing unusual about the listing, it states that the game is rated 18+ which is expected and the product description mentions "most gruesome and darkest game" of the Resident Evil series, which is something we already knew thanks to the leaker Dusk Golem.  It's possible that the retailer simply copied this info from the leaker.

AltChar screengrab showing Resident Evil 8 listing at Gamesonly Resident Evil 8 listing at Gamesonly

Speaking about the leaks, Dusk Golem recently stated that Resident Evil 8 is almost certainly set to be revealed at the PlayStation 5 event since the whole series recently got a major discount on all platforms. 

This is probably a marketing move by Capcom who want to use the big reveal to sell more earlier Resident Evil games.

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