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Rumour: Resident Evil 8 subtitled Village, Chris to play integral part in the story

Published: 10:18, 07 April 2020
resident evil 7 screenshot showing a female character
Marguerite Baker from RE 7

According to the latest Resident Evil 8 rumours, the game will be subtitled Village, with a highlight on VIII for a Roman numeral 8. On top of this, the rumour claims that Chris Redfield will play a big part in the game's story.

Another day, another big Resident Evil 8 rumour. This time, biohazardcast have received a fresh batch of details about the game's setting, story, characters and subtitle. The website reports that Resident Evil 8 will have a "Village" subtitle. 

Now, it is a clever one, similar to how resident Evil 7 used the word "Evil" as a Roman numeral 7, Resident Evil 8 will use the word "Village" with a highlight on the first three letters "VII" for the Roman numeral 8. A neat little detail we have to say. 

On top of this, the rumour claims that Chris Redfield returns and will play a big part in the story. Apparently, Chris will appear in flashbacks surrounding Ethan, Mia and their baby. Chris does not seem to be "looking very heroic" in Resident Evil 8, which suggests a completely different role for the beloved character.

 "It appears that in a flashback sequence Chris can be seen shooting one of them [Mia, Ethan?] while breaking into their home," the report claims.

Ethan is described as a "lone wolf" on a mission to take on evil and wipe it from the Earth. "It’s likely that Ethan will be more of a character this time" given that this is his second big role in the series. Expect a "wise-cracking badass" like Ash Williams.

Last but not least, there is a couple of details about the rumoured stalker Witch. It is reported that the nature and origin of the witch are still unknown but the leak claims that the creature will be similar to Marguerite Baker from Resident Evil 7.

re 7 screenshot showing a red door re 7 screenshot showing a red door Resident Evil

As always, you should take these leaks with a grain of salt, just like any other rumour or unconfirmed info but the leak correlates with the earlier reports from reliable sources so it is possible that the info is actually legit.

Resident Evil 8 is rumoured to be in development, scheduled for 2021 release date.

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