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New Resident Evil 8: Village leak reveals juicy plot details

Published: 07:41, 08 April 2020
Resident Evil 8 artwork showing snowy village
Resident Evil 8

A brand new leak for Capcom's upcoming survival horror Resident Evil 8 has surfaced online. This time, we have fresh details about the game's story, its protagonists and several spooky locations.

Many leaks and rumours about Resident Evil 8 have started to surface in the last couple of days, revealing the game's setting, protagonists and other details. Today, we have a brand new leak which gives us a fresh batch of details about Resident Evil 8 story.

Keep in mind that the leak is jam-packed with spoilers so if you don't want to know anything about the game's story, stop reading right now.

  • As earlier rumoured, Resident Evil 8 starts in a snowy mountain village, similar to Resident Evil 4. 
  • The local villagers are described as very religious and spiritual.
  • Ethan, Mia and their child live in the village after the events in Resident Evil 7 until things calm down. 
  • The local villagers are talking about something weird happening in the mountains, mining of sorts. 
  • One day a villager comes from the mountain acting weird, like a zombie creature.
  • Ethan decides to help villagers to fight this outbreak while Mia protects the baby.
  • Out of nowhere, Blue Umbrella corporation comes in wiping out the infected villagers but also killing innocents in the process. 
  • A lot of villagers escape and Ethan tries to stop Blue Umbrella from killing innocent villagers but ultimately fails and gets injured.
  • In this part of the game, Chris Redfield can be seen leaving in a helicopter after the "clean up" suggesting a much darker role for the beloved character.
  • Ethan wakes up after the Blue Umbrella leaves the village but finds his hut empty. He continues searching for his family.
  • One of the villagers that survived tells him to go to the castle far in the mountains to get help.
  • Ethan gets advice on how to get there and must travel through the mines.
  • The elder villager also speaks about spiritual things but Ethan does not care that much about that.
  • Mines are huge and also have a secret lab inside.

Capcom resident evil 7 screenshot showing a female character Marguerite Baker from RE 7

As always, take these with a grain of salt just like any other rumour, leak or unconfirmed info. That being said, the leak does sound pretty legit and some of the details correlate with the earlier leaks and rumours.

Capcom are yet to announce Resident Evil 8, which is rumoured for early 2021 release.

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