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Resident Evil 3 demo reportedly coming this week

Published: 10:36, 16 March 2020
Resident Evil 3 Remake
Resident Evil 3 Remake

According to the latest rumours, Capcom could release Resident Evil 3 demo to all players later this week. Twitter user AestheticGamer, who has a solid track record when it comes to horror games claims that the demo will become avalible on 20 March 2020.

Capcom's much-anticipated remake of the iconic survival horror Resident Evil 3 is just a couple of weeks away from its official release. As you may know, Capcom usually offer free demo to all players before the game hits the shelves and players have been wondering when exactly they will get a chance to try out Resident Evil 3, since the game is just around the corner.

Sadly, Capcom are yet to announce if the demo for Resident Evil 3 Remake will be available but according to the latest rumours, it is only a matter of time before they officially reveal the demo details. 

Twitter user AestheticGamer, who has a decent track record when it comes to horror games confirmed that Resident Evil 3 Remake demo will go live on Friday, 20 March 2020 .

Now, take this with a huge grain of salt just like any other rumour, leak or unconfirmed info. That being said, AestheticGamer seems pretty confident in his info and it would not be surprising if this actually happens. 

Capcom released Resident Evil 2 demo two weeks before the game officially launched and it would make a lot of sense if the company is following the same strategy with Resident Evil 3. 

Capcom Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Remake protagonist Jill Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Remake, Jill looking better than ever!

All in all, we will have to wait and see but luckily, Friday is just around the corner and if the info is correct, the official announcement could be imminent so stay tuned.

Resident Evil 3 Remake is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Resident Evil 2 remake, Capcom's return to an absolute classic

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