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New legendary missions coming to The Division next week

Published: 16:52, 08 June 2018
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The Division

The Division's State of the Game episode 100 aired on 07 June 2018 where Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment revealed their future plans for the game as update 1.8.2 will be released on Thursday, 14 June 2018, during the last day of E3.

Update 1.8.2 will bring two new legendary missions with it, General Assembly and Madison Field Hospital. These two are polar opposites since General Assembly is known as one of the longest missions in The Division while Madison Field Hospital is fairly short being the first mission players get into.

Shields will also finally arrive with the update meaning players can start grinding the achievements in order to unlock content for The Division 2. The timing is pretty good as well, as The Division 2 will be shown off during E3 so players may have an opportunity to see whether they like it and if it's worth the grind in the original Division.

The Reactivation Cache is a new item that will be awarded to everyone once the update lands. It aims to boost new and returning players who reach the level cap in order to cut faster through gear grinding so they can play with friends who already have high level gear. The cache will be awarded to all players, but the gear will not be maxed out so veterans might find less use for them. On the bright side, they will contain three keys for loot boxes.

This update will also slightly change how loot boxes work since Mark I to III encrypted cache contents will be rotating in the premium shop for those who don't like gambling. Collections will remain loot box exclusive though. The Mark IV encrypted cache will also be introduced in this update and will feature four plus one vanity sets.

Ubisoft Five dummies are standing next to each other thinking they look tacticool The Division - Mk IV Encrypted Cache collections

The four sets contained in Mk IV will be Recon Patrol, Sentry's Call, Commando and Path of the Nomad. Completing these collections will award players with pieces from the bonus collection - Silver Bunker. You can see what each of these collections looks like on the screenshot above. 

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