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Red Alert Remastered Tesla Tank first model has been revealed

Published: 14:42, 16 July 2019
First picture of the Tesla Tank in Red Alert Remastered
Red Alert Remastered - Tesla Tank

Red Alert Remastered is well on its way into development, as mentioned by Jim Vessella, the producer on the Command & Conquer remaster. As Petroglyph devs reached some milestones, he decided to share more info on the iconic Tesla Tank.

Petroglyph, a developer studio that was started by remnants of Westwood Studios that was disbanded by EA but also responsible for creation of the Command & Conquer series, was contracted by EA to work on C&C remasters. The news was well-received by all the C&C fans as Jim Vessella kept updating them regularly.

In the most recent , Vessella reiterated once again that the devs are working on Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert remasters at the moment.

The Reddit thread stated that the developers reached several milestones and the stage of development that reflects the quality of an alpha build of the first mission in Tiberian Dawn. In more transparent words, "mission visuals are now showcasing the 4K assets from Lemon Sky, and the mission can be completed with all the core gameplay mechanics".

Red Alert is not that far into the development cycle though, since it only just became playable. On the other hand, Lemon Sky has been creating assets for the game over the past few months, which is why were treated to the first screenshot of the iconic Tesla Tank.

The infantry frier looks as gorgeous as we remember it, but bear in mind that we usually remember older games in graphics prettier than they actually were.

Vessella spoke about the challenges of increasing visual fidelity to make C&C remasters more fit for the modern standards, stating that they had to strike a balance between additional model details and readability since this is a strategy games populated with many units and a zoomed-out camera.

EA Construction Yard from the remastered Command & Conquer Command & Conquer, Construction Yard

On the other hand, we believe the model already looks gorgeous but it is possible it could go through more iterations before the final build. Also keep in mind that the tank version is that of the , not the one with rods from subsequent titles.

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